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Stephen Campbell PS, Nancy Hwee, Dan Cook PS, Missy Switka, Paige Hoskinson, Dave Grubb, Ron Hayes, Kathy Ingersoll, Scott Wyler, Terri Hitt, Jason Robison, Alex Benson, Jim Yurkschatt PS, Bob Helbig, David Campbell, Ava (our four-legged mascot)

Accuracy…precision…timely delivery. These are the trademarks of Campbell & Associates, a surveying firm with a reputation for dependable service.  Since 1979, we have helped a variety of clients with their projects – ranging from property surveying and site analysis through various government approval processes.

We are staffed to meet the high expectations of our clients. With over three generations of experience and a diversified team of talented professionals – ranging from registered surveyors to technicians and drafters – we are committed to giving 100 percent to solve your problems.

Each project, regardless of size, receives personal attention through single-source responsibility. We begin by taking the necessary time to listen and analyze the scope of your project. Then, together, we set priorities and target milestones.  In planning your survey work, we approach our calendar realistically and strive to insure that we meet your established deadlines.

To assure our commitments are kept, we closely monitor project costs and schedules, and communicate with you frequently regarding job status.

You can always rely on Campbell & Associates for the expert assistance and dedication that is essential to your success.

The foundation of our business is providing workable, cost effective solutions to your surveying challenges. To accomplish this, we focus on providing you with:

When you “absolutely must have it,” Campbell & Associates strives to help you meet your difficult deadlines.

There is no place for guessing in our line of work. At Campbell & Associates, we believe in taking care of the fine points. We are fully committed to providing accurate, detailed, easy-to-read project plans and documents that you can use with confidence.

We use technically advanced surveying instruments in the field and support them with computer-aided plans that meet your project specifications. Whether in the field or in the office, we accept no shortcuts that would compromise the integrity of project results.

We provide you with a technical advantage that results in achieving expedient and accurate map, as well as other surveying documents.  Each project, depending upon the scope of required services, is supported by the most current field and office technologies, including:

  • Electronic distance measuring
  • Electronic data collection
  • Robotic field data collection
  • Geodetic positioning systems (GPS)
  • Computer-aided design, drafting and plotting